[Admin] gymboy21 Admin posted Wed at 16:28


      We have been working on MinecraftSG for a while now, a week or so. Now we're ready! Survival is the only one that is down for now. Every other server is up! You WILL find a few here and there bugs, "possibly". If so, report them! We have 4 Moderator spots open. We will probably create 2 of them into 2 Helper spots open! Find out on the server! Thanks for being patient!



[Helper] PigWizard88 Helper So i am a helper under watch? or just watching me to make sure i am fit for the job

Donation Goal & Release

[Admin] gymboy21 Admin posted Tue at 19:23

Donation Goal & Sale

Hello, Our donation goal will be $75-$100/month. Can we do that? I think we can! We may have a new rank! Think of some names for us! There will be a sale. Use the code "SG" for a 25% off sale. Lets do it!


We will release tomorrow night or this weekend! If it is tomorrow it will be around 5-8 o'clock MTZ. MTZ = Mountain Time Zone!

Donator Ranks & Release

[Admin] gymboy21 Admin posted Apr 26, 15


                   We got a question for you. Do you want to keep the VIP, VIP+, ELITE, ELITE+, TITAN, TITAN+ rank system for the WHOLE network or just for the SGPvP server and have the other servers have different ranks.

Vote now!

Yes > Keep them for the whole network!

No > Keep them only for the SGPvP server and other ranks on the other servers.


We will be releasing hopefully May 1st, 2015. That is a Friday, next Friday. Some of you are wondering, why is it taking forever? Well we only got a few more permissions and protecting the worlds. Yet, we must worry about the details aswell. Thank you for being patient. The latest the server will be released is on May 3rd, 2015. That is that weekend, thats a Sunday. Thank you for your patients again!



Dancraft_MC Yes, i think the ranks are fine and for exsample if you've payed alot you might not get the money back, so i just want t ...
droodzur Yes otherwise people might not donate if they only like Skyblock for example because they will get no perks.


           What do you think of the prices for the donator ranks? Do you think they are worth of what they have? Remember, before you vote about this, read what the perks are! New perks were added! Do you think we should lower the prices for an apparent reason or raise them? Vote about them in the comments!

Yes > Raise the prices!

No > Don't raise the prices and lower them! (Must have a reason)

* Applications *

Applications will be open until we have a full staff team. 1 spot is open for Helper. We will notify you when it's taken or we have more open. If someone retires/quits or gets fired then there will be an open spot for that staff rank. So, put in your staff applications early so they get accepted! The 1 lucky person who will get this spot MUST have a good staff application! Good Luck!

Dancraft_MC NO the prices are fine and i think you should do it so the prices get a discount if you have a higher rank
droodzur No, i think they are reasonable prices only raise them if you are really desperate for donation money.
[Helper] ar6000 Helper Yes


[Admin] gymboy21 Admin posted Apr 24, 15


           What do you think about keep inventory? Should we have everyone keep their inventory or just ELITE+ and higher? You guys vote before we release!

How to vote?

Vote in the comments!

Yes > Everyone gets to keep their inventory!

No > Only ELITE+ and higher get to keep their inventory!

The poll ends May 1st, 2015! Vote now! Hurry!

mattijs123 No, but please do for killing people 10money price.
[TITAN+] starfoxgod TITAN+ NO for everyone gets inventory and yes for elite+
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