SGPvP Revamp

[Owner] gymboy21 Admin posted Fri at 20:26


                SGPvP is a bit messed up. First, the permissions were not working. Second, we never had a lot of players. But now, I will be getting on everyday working on the server. I'm trying to figure out how to connect the IP to "". For some reason it is not working. We will be accepting staff! Promotions! Some staff will get demoted.


                I have a question for you!?! What do you want to have on the server? What type of games or type of server. Maybe also a theme.

                     We're accepting Applications! We had a little minor problem with SGPvP Staff Team. Some of them quit MC, retired, or quit on me. I will not say who or what it was about. But, we will be accepting applications like crazy! First, make sure you have details, grammar, and it makes sense. Please have complete sentances aswell.

[Helper] tajvav Helper I will apply again, I'm very excited ...

Survival Games and Sky Block are now open to the public! There may be some bugs and glitches with opening chests and commands because we are still in beta. We are trying our best to get past these conflicts but for now please be patient. Factions will also be coming out soon so please enjoy SG and SB! 

[Helper] boydster8 Helper I can't join any of the servers they all say Unknown Host HELP! Please

Applications and Staff

[Owner] gymboy21 Admin posted Sep 8, 15


                 I have been rejecting a lot of applications due to lack of detail. Please put a lot of detail into your application. If we see you only have 2-3 sentances, we will not even look at the application and reject it. You MUST put detail.

                 Also, promotions and demotions have been going a little bit wierd lately. If you get demoted it is most likely inactivity or you're not helping at all. Please get on the server and help. Server is still in BETA so please mind some of the permissions.



SGPvP Beta

[COwner] skippy987 posted Sep 6, 15

SGPvP is still in beta, which means that some of the commands and permissions might not work. We are trying to do our best to fix these problems, but for now please be patient. Also, Survival Games is almost done and Sky Block will be coming out soon!

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