[Admin] gymboy21 Admin posted May 13, 15

New Rank!




Legend will be worth $65.00 USD and Legend+ will be worth $75.00 USD!

Kind of pricy huh? But guess what, awesome perms! Ex. Worldedit for Legend+ on Creative!

Vote for what these 2 ranks should have! Or even a different name for them!

RapMaster3045 Mabey the New ranks should better commands to make it more desirable to new and old members to want to buy, we must also ...

Server & Donations

[Admin] gymboy21 Admin posted May 13, 15


                We have not been receiving many donations latley so we need more for the server to stay alive like of course the server but, the website, the domain(s). We're in need of more money to pay for the server. Every single one of these 3 things are due May 18, Monday. So...


The server has been going downhill a bit so, there are to decisions. To close the server, hire new staff and FINISH it and open it when its completely "DONE". Or, keep it running for everyone and "disturb" users with fixes, restarts etc. <--- Due to the revamp. 

Vote Now!

Poll ends May 16, Saturday (This Saturday)


                  SGPvP is up! It may crash. If so, we will close it and fix the problem. Sorry for the wait. Thank you for being patient!


                          Do you want Prison or Survival? Vote in the comments! The poll will end May 9, Saturday! Vote now!

[TITAN+] FiringPvP TITAN+ Survival
TheEevee500 Oh yeah, and have plots too


[Admin] gymboy21 Admin posted Apr 29, 15


      We have been working on MinecraftSG for a while now, a week or so. Now we're ready! Survival is the only one that is down for now. Every other server is up! You WILL find a few here and there bugs, "possibly". If so, report them! We have 4 Moderator spots open. We will probably create 2 of them into 2 Helper spots open! Find out on the server! Thanks for being patient!



[TITAN+] FiringPvP TITAN+ All the servers are down
[Helper] PigWizard88 Helper So i am a helper under watch? or just watching me to make sure i am fit for the job

Donation Goal & Release

[Admin] gymboy21 Admin posted Apr 28, 15

Donation Goal & Sale

Hello, Our donation goal will be $75-$100/month. Can we do that? I think we can! We may have a new rank! Think of some names for us! There will be a sale. Use the code "SG" for a 25% off sale. Lets do it!


We will release tomorrow night or this weekend! If it is tomorrow it will be around 5-8 o'clock MTZ. MTZ = Mountain Time Zone!

RapMaster3045 New rank name idea, if its higher than Titan+ then call it Yega or Yega+, if lower then call it General or general +. I ...
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